Sewing for Lattes

Sewing for Lattes (SFL) is a collection of handmade clutches connected with inspiring words and meaning. Founded by Kate Mudge the brand emphasis on giving back in small ways.

I'm currently having ongoing chemotherapy and with a bit of time on my hands, I started making clutches for my loved ones. Never touching a sewing machine before I taught myself how to make a clutch. Not sewing for Prada but sewing Coffee, G&T’s and a whole lot of love. Each clutch has been named after a loved one some have been made in the daylight, under the moon and some a bit tipsy. SFL creates a personalised platform to give back to people, by expressing gratitude through words and handmade clutches. With the purchases of these clutches, it provides opportunities for random acts of kindness. This brings people together and makes someone's day. Kate Mudge.

A brand that celebrated this deeply personal touch, resulted in hand drawn elements and custom logomark. A strong logomark that worked effectively on print, digital and used a stamp for packaging.

Primary logomark, secondary logomark, brand guidelines, social profiles, postcard and business cards / swing tags.

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