what is your process?

Unsure about how the creative process works? I'm here to guide you through the process and together we can create a GREAT brand that will get your business noticed and remembered.

Although every project is individual regarding scope, style and industry, the design process remains consistent.

To fully understand your needs and more about your business - I need to ask lots of questions. Ultimately, the more I know the better I can communicate through your initial concepts.

A deposit and agreement will be issued before any design work starts. This is to protect my copyright and time spent in this process (we're not fans of people taking our work!).

Next I will have a really good look into your industry, what others have done, what makes your business shine - and create a moodboard and initial drawings. Naturally, this takes a lot of time, so the lower priced logo design packages will tend to skip over this part.

This is where the fun begins - concepts. Every great logo starts as a doodle or initial sketch. I'll create some clear directions, based on which package you select, so that each concept is individual (and you don't end up with 3 concepts that are similar).

This stage is the longest - I'll design, leave it, come back and refine it, design more until it 'shines'. I make sure that the colour palette is strong, that the logo works well in monotone and will work when its printed, screen-printed, embroidered etc. A lot of poorly designed logos don't take this into account.

Then its presentation time - you get to see your concepts displayed in full colour, mono, white and some visual mock-ups (like business cards or how it will be embroidered on a cap). You'll receive a PDF which you can view online and print. Show your partner, your friends, the bloke down the road - but go with your gut instinct.

You'll provide some feedback and pick a direction you want to go with, which I'll further refine and make perfect. Once you're happy with the changes, maybe its a different colour palette or you want the icon a little more feminine?

I'll send you a final proof of the logo (in the colour formats) which you'll approve. Then its onto rolling out the collateral as part of your package. All print-ready PDF's will be provided for you to take to your own printer.

Brand guidelines are written - there's no point having a new brand if you don't know how to use it! This is something that I spend a lot of time on - all your logo filet types, colour breakdowns, file names, minimum size, logo clearspace, graphic elements and collateral examples. A final invoice will be issued and once paid, all files and guidelines will be provided to you via Dropbox.  And voila, you're ready to celebrate and launch your new brand.