Evaluating your business branding for the future

What happens to a business’s identity when they experiences rapid growth? When sub brands are then subsequently created? Recently I was engaged with EMS Dubbo to re-evaluate their primary identity and sub-brands. With the potential of growth on the horizon for other directions, aligning all the sub brands under one main identity was required.

it as decided that renaming the brand to “EMS Group” would encompass the entire business suite and allow further growth. Engaging with a designer externally from the business can sometimes give a different perspective and allow a hierarchy to be developed, without biased judgement.


A forward arrow was applied to the end of “GROUP” to replicate the use in the “M” and show forward movement and growth of the business. Capitalising this word also shows strength and sets apart for the sub-brand wordmarks.

As part of the new branding, corporate uniforms were designed - which was required for both female and male employees, suit a diverse group and allow options for employees. Particular designing went into sourcing a range of shirts and tops for female employees (as shirts for men had already been sourced) - that again suited different body shapes and stages (maternity). The colours of the uniforms were reflected in the brand colours, always having the primary brand as the bright green.


Branded templates for print advertisements and flyers, were also created. These were set up for the regional publications, allowing them to edit and create adverts on behalf of the client - without worrying about inconsistency of the brand.

EMS_Group_press_advertisement_ templates

New brand photography was conducted which also helped provide a new identity for the company moving forward. The use of black and white photography works beautifully against the corporate green.

Sometimes a total rebrand isn’t required, its just an evolution of the brand which is a natural step. Branding must evolve and grow with the business, where tweaks can be made every few years. It doesn’t make sense, business wise, to be spending a fortune to rebrand every few years. Updating photography, templates and colours can make a wold of difference.

If you’re interested in tweaking your brand or updating some elements, send me an email and let’s have a chat about how we can make your business shine.

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