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Why Emma Barrett Creative?

Your business is unique, and there's no one quite like you. My passion is in telling your story, whether its clever or playful, witty and charming or independent and strong, working together we can create innovative marketing messages through branding and other creative communications online and in print that talk to your clients in your voice.

Whether its a full rebrand or innovative use of digital design for something new, I want to work with you so you can stand out from the crowds.


the creator

Hi there I'm Emma

Grab a coffee, sit down and lets catch up, I am so happy you've dropped by.

I live and breathe all things creative - whether I am behind a computer, drawing on the iPad, moulding clay, designing my dream home - or colouring with the kids, I can't help but want to make the world more beautiful, but design is my pure joy.

I have built a long career in large design agencies in metro highrises, small agency work and government positions and contracts. Now I enjoy regional living, surrounded by space, my growing family, fires in the winter and sprinklers in the summer - with great connectivity that allows me to work for clients the world over!


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